Helpful Information

All students are given the opportunity to visit and check out books from the school library. Students must have a library permission card (tarieta de autorizacion) signed and on file that allows them to check out books. The card needs to be signed by the student and parent/guardian. Please help your child to understand the importance of taking care of the books so others may enjoy them as well. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Always keep hands and books clean and dry when reading.
  • Turn pages carefully to prevent rips and tears.
  • Treat books gently.
  • Return books on time. Books are checked out weekly and may be renewed. Certain genres excepted.
  • Protect books from weather, food, drinks, animals, and smaller children.

It is the child's responsibility to take care of the books that he/she borrows from the school or classroom library. Students and parents are financially responsible for materials that are lost or damaged.

Student reaching for a book

The school's library assistant purchases replacement books. Some books are more costly than books that can be purchased in stores because of the quality of the binding required for books that will be circulated for many years.

Lost Books and Fees

When a student loses or damages materials, such as textbooks, there are two ways to make up for the loss:

  1. The student can pay for the materials.
  2. The student can perform service to the school in lieu of paying money.
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